I was born on June 10th, 1940 in Brassó, Romania.

My parents were labourers.

I did my elementary school in Lónya, Segesvár then Brassó. This is where I graduated.

In 1954 I signed into a vocational school in Brassó that belonged to the car factory called Steagul Roșu at the time.

I graduated in 1957 as a car mechanic. In the same year I took part in a seditionary movement influenced by the events of 1956 in Hungary.

In 1958 I was arrested and sentenced for 15 years imprisonment by the military court.

I was released in 1964 under the bill of oblivion.

I graduated from high-school after my release. I worked as an engine fitter. For 20
years before my retirement I designed target machines. I lead the supply department
of the shoe factory in Brassó. By the encouragement of an elderly Romanian friend of
mine – who was a scene-painter – I tried Impressionist painting in my spare time
that has become my second passion.

I retired in 2000. This is when I decided to compose my inventiveness (creativity)
in the field of art into thought-provoking creations. With time this “game” has
simmered into Ars Poetica.

My third passion is self-studying foreign languages (English, French, German and
Spanish). I got this virus in the prison. I found important to add these in order to
facilitate feedback – that I look forward to receive.

Papp Bálint Mihály